Broadcast Meteorology Committee

NWA Broadcaster's Seal of Approval Information

NWA Radio & Television Weathercaster Seal of Approval Qualifications and Procedures (dated 13 March 2013)
Provides information on the NWA Broadcast Meteorology Committee, and the application and recertification qualifications and procedures for the NWA weathercaster Seal of Approval. For more information, contact the NWA Executive Director at

The NWA Seal program qualifications and procedures were updated in March 2013 to include a completely paperless process from beginning to end. An applicant's documentation is now scanned and transmitted to evaluators electronically. Their weathercast submission is uploaded through YouTube and no longer involves DVDs and postage. Additionally, an NWA Seal candidate's knowledge of meteorology is appraised through a new electronic written examination.

This comes after the introduction of a new NWA Seal logo in late 2012 that is in use by all Seal holders today. The National Weather Association continues to make strides forward into the future, embracing new technology and streamlining the process of evaluation leading to award of the NWA Seal of Approval.

NWA Seal Exam Study Portal  More than 300 MetEd modules produced by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and presented in 7 categories for the Seal Exam.

Recertification Documentation   This provides a link to a checklist that should be included with Recertification materials. It also includes a sample letter from a National Weather Service Office to document training through the NWS Familiarization option.

NWA Seal holders, please mail all recertification materials to:
National Weather Association
350 David L Boren Blvd, Suite 2750
Norman, OK 73072-7125

NWA Television & Radio Weathercaster Seal holders

NWA Broadcast Meteorology Committee:

Mission Statement
"Promote ethics and excellence in broadcast meteorology, through continuing education and professional development, and award the NWA Seal of Approval to those weathercasters who meet or exceed the standards of the National Weather Association."

Broadcast Meteorology Committee Chair:

Miles Muzio
21800 Cottonwood Ct.
Tehachapi, CA 93561

  • Broadcaster Seal of Approval Committee Chair:
    Chris Dunn
    4016 N Black Canyon Hwy
    Phoenix, AZ 85017
  • Seal Evaluation Board members:
    Shawn Cable, Justin Chambers, James Paul Dice, Stacy Donaldson, Crystal Egger, Eric Elwell, Fidel "Phil" Ferro, Jose M. Garcia Jr., Jesus A. Haro, Bob Haswell, Nate Johnson, Byron Morton, Jason Nicholas, Morgan Palmer, Dr. Scott Rochette, Josh Rubenstein, Benjamin Schott, Benjamin Smith, Tammie Souza, Keith Stellman, Chris Tomer, John Toohey-Morales, Dr. Jay Trobec, Ken Waters, Chad Watson, Jennefer Zeppelin.

  • Seal Recertification Chair:
    Jacqui Jeras
    1100 Wilson Blvd.
    Arlington, VA 22209

  • Testing Chair:
    Dr. Pat Market
    U of Missouri, 331 ABNR Building
    Columbia, MO 65211

  • Public Relations Chair:
    Betsy Kling
    1333 Lakeside Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44114-1159
    (216) 344-3407

  • Workshop Program Chair:
    Mike Goldberg
    3301 West Broad Street
    Richmond, VA 23230

Complete NWA Seal of Approval Logo

NWA Seal of Approval

NWA Seal holders can find the logo in eps and tga formats for download in the member portal.