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Biographical data: Wes Junker

Mr. Junker started career in meteorology in NESDIS in 1979 and transferred to the Hydormeteorological Prediction Center in 1983. He has been involved in quantitative precipitation forecasting since then. His numerous articles and preprints are listed below. He has given numerous seminars at NWS training courses such as the old National Flash Flood training course and at current courses at COMET (Hyrodmeteorology, Numerical Weather Prediction, and Mesoscale), the National Heavy Precipitation Workshops, AMS and NWA meetings, and at local WFOs and RFCs. He lectured in China as part of the Protocol Agreement with the Peoples Republic of China. He also was involved with the USWRP team looking into the challenges of quantitative precipitation forecasting. Mr Junker is a senior Branch Forecaster who works rotating shifts at the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center at NCEP. He routinely provides outstanding guidance to field forecasters in the area of QPF, heavy snow , flash flood potential and the performance of the NCEP numerical models.

Mr. Junker is an active participant of the NWA and AMS. He has received awards from both the NWA and AMS. He has been a member of several national committees including the U.S. Weather Research Working Group on QPF and has served as the Chair of AMS Committee of Weather and Forecasting. He has served as program chairperson for the 13th and 16th Conferences on Weather Analysis and Forecasting and for the 12th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction. He is both past Vice-President and President of the NWA and has served as program chairman of several sessions at national meetings.


1991 AMS Special Editors Award, 1991 AMS Award for an exceptional specific prediction of a record breaking Midwestern snowstorm., 1982 NWA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Operational Performance, 1993 modernization award as part of the ETA evaluation team, 1993 received a Dept. of Commerce Award for Unusually Outstanding Performance.


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