A Comparison of the 27 April 2011 North Alabama Tornado Outbreak tothe 3 April 1974 Super Tornado Outbreak and a Previously Developed "What If" Scenario for a North Alabama Tornado Outbreak
Dr. Greg G. Gaston, ; Darden, Christopher P; Troutman, Timothy W

In 2008, an examination was completed involving what might be the potential impacts if a major tornado produced extensive damage in the National Weather Service Huntsville s North Alabama forecast area. We used tornado tracks from the 3 April 1974 super tornado outbreak, census data from 2000 and commercially available aerial photography. We projected the potential for damage and death in the North Alabama forecast area assuming the same storm tracks, but with the intervening decades of population increase and urban development. In April 2011, an EF 5 tornado followed virtually the same track as that from the 1974 event. This presentation will compare the results of the 2008 study with the actual damage from the 1974 and 2011 events. We will speculate on the increasing risk from severe weather as the region continues to urbanize.