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Published by the National Weather Association, the Journal of Operational Meteorology (JOM) covers topics relevant to all aspects of operational meteorology on a range of time and space scales. Suitable topics include new or improved forecasting and warning techniques, verification studies, applications of observations and models to improve forecasts and warnings, and case studies of major weather events. Climatological studies, interdisciplinary studies, and studies documenting education and training practices also will be considered if relevant to operational meteorology. In addition, the Editors welcome submissions that present strategies for the creation and dissemination of forecasts and warnings that maximize the protection of life and property. JOM is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal with an international scope, providing authors with the benefits of economical publication costs and rapid publication following acceptance.

Note: effective 1/1/2016, the JOM has transitioned to an open access journal. As such, all articles, past and present, are now available to all free of charge.

Latest Article: Vol. 4, No. 12 (2016)

Murdoch, G. P., T. T. Lindley, and C. J. Morris 2016: A Doppler radar and conceptual analysis of horizontal longitudinal vortex influencing the Bastrop Complex wildfire. J. Operational Meteor., 4 (12), 160–169.

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ISSN 2325-6184
DOI: 10.15191/nwajom/

The JOM is published by the National Weather Association as single issues. The JOM's inauguration is 1/1/2013.

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