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Atmospheric profilers operated by NOAA's Office of Atmospheric Research (OAR) measure the wind and temperature variations with height over a large area of the central United States and Alaska, plus locations in Massachusetts and California. There are a total of 35 stations in the OAR NOAA Profiler Network (NPN).

Five stations in the NPN possess Radio Acoustic Sounder System (RASS) profilers to determine temperatures as a function of height. All NPN sites now have Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities. These instruments provide all-weather estimates of total precipitable water that compare favorably with those from water vapor radiometers and radiosondes. There is also a network of Cooperating Agency Profilers (CAP) developed by NOAA but operated by other government agencies and universities.

Information on profiler technology, plus current time-height sections from the NPN can be obtained at:

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