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Real-time Aviation Weather Data and Tools

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
ADDS provides the aviation community digital and graphical analyses, forecasts and observations of meteorological variables.
Aviation Weather Center
The Aviation Weather Center (AWC) in Kansas City provides SIGMETS, AIRMETS, and other products to the US and international aviation community.
NWS Internet Weather Source
This National Weather Service (NWS) site provides access to radar graphics, weather maps, and other products from NWS Weather Forecast Offices and National Centers.
Aviation Weather Page at NCAR
Comprehensive aviation weather data by committee member Greg Thompson. Includes to links to other sources of weather data on the web.
International Flight Data Folder Program
The flight folder consists of the following: wind and temperature aloft forecast charts, significant weather charts, TAFs, SIGMET charts, METAR observations, AIREPs and other data.
Nexrad Weather Radar at the NWS
Composite radar image for the entire US create twice per hour and links to all US NEXRAD radar sites.
National Lightning-Lightning Explorer
All lightning activity in the continental United States during the last 2 hours is displayed. Updated every 15-Minutes.
Localized Aviation MOS Program
Short-term forecast guidance based on observations and model data
MOS Forecast Products (GFS and NAM)
Model Output Statistics: forecast guidance based on model output from GFS and NAM models
NAM Model Meteograms
Graphical display of model predicted clouds, winds and temperatures versus time from the Eta model for individual stations
GFS Model Meteograms
Graphical display of model predicted clouds, surface winds and temperatures versus time from the AVN and MRF models for individual stations
Convective Collaborative Forecast Program
Forecasts of significant convection impacting the national airspace
FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center
Weather (and other) impacts to airport operations
Notice to Airmen from US NOTAM site
A mouse-over map to view surface weather observations around a CWSU area of responsibility or the United States

Training and Education

The Front
A newsletter published by the National Weather Service (NWS) to provide pilots and the aviation community with current information on weather systems and processes, and NWS products and services.
WSR-88D Weather Radar Information
Basic radar product information and interpretation from the National Weather Service
Satellite Interpretation
Basic satellite interpretation of visible, infrared, and water vapor images. 
ASOS Guide for Pilots
Information about the Automated Surface Observing System from the National Weather Service
National Weather Service Training Center
Training primarily for forecasters.
Comet Meted Site
Training primarily for forecasters. The "Professional Development" and "Web-based Modules" contain aviation forecaster training.
NASA Icing Training Site
Training materials for pilots on icing and flying in winter weather.
Metar and Taf Information
Links to METAR and TAF information, documentation, decoders and other information

Aviation Weather Research

MIT Lincoln Lab Aviation Weather Program Research Applications Laboratory at NCAR
NOAA Earth Systems Lab Aviation Branch Aviation Weather Center
NASA Langley Aviation & Related Topics NASA Applied Meteorology Unit
NESDIS Forecast Products Team (Satellite Applications) Navy Research Lab
Mountain Wave Project

Military Weather Organizations

US Air Force Weather Agency Weather Site
Information about the weather support provided by the US Air Force Weather Agency.
US Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
Information about the weather support provided by the US Navy Meteorology and Oceanography Command.
US Air Force Weather Agency Weather Page
Current weather information from the US Air Force.
US Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
Current weather information from the US Navy

Space Launch and Landing Weather

Spaceflight Meteorology Group
Provides weather forecasts for Space Shuttle landing sites in Florida, California, New Mexico, Spain, and Africa, as well as support for the Interanational Space Station.
45th Weather Squadron
Provides launch weather forecasts for Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
Upcoming Missions at Spaceflight Now
Contains the latest information on upcoming launches throughout the world.
30th Weather Squadron
Provides launch weather forecasts for Vandenberg Air Force Base California.

Aviation and Meteorological Organizations

Aircraft Operators and Pilots Association Airline Pilots Association
Airline Dispatchers Union National Air Traffic Controllers
National Aeronautic Association Soaring Society of America
Balloon Federation of America  National Weather Association
American Meteorological Society World Meteorological Organization
International Civil Aviation Organization National Weather Service

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