Weather Theory for Pilots On-line Course

New Block Released December 2013

Weather Theory for Pilots is an interactive program designed to help General Aviation pilots better understand and apply weather theory and technologies to their flying activities. Although, specifically intended for new or low-time pilots, blocks and modules provide those without formal recurrent programs with refresher training in fundamental weather principles and their application to flight operations.

The following blocks and modules are currently available:

Block 1

Introduction (33 min.)
  • Introduction (7 min.)
  • Moisture (7 min.)
  • Vertical Motion (9 min.)
  • Stability (10 min.)

Block 2

Aircraft Performance (20 min.)

Block 3

Application of Weather Theory (55 min.) – Under revision

  • Low Ceilings and Visibilities (16 min.)
  • Fronts (10 min.)
  • Altimetry (14 min.)
  • Non-Convective Low-Level Wind Shear (12 min.)

Block 4

Aviation Weather Forecasts (55 min.)
  • Introduction
  • The Area Forecast
  • Weather Advisories
  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts

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